Tightrope ACL Patients
Listed are comments by pet parents and/or Warren Animal Clinic concerning patient experience with Tightrope Anterior Cruciate Surgery
Hi, Nitro was back to near 100% by the eighth week, all went smoothly, the hardest part was keeping him from overdoing it! Even after he got loose the one time, he had a little swelling that night, then back to normal the next day.As far as discomfort, only used 5 of the pain pills, two were given during the first 4 weeks.
I think this surgery is definitely the way to go, especially with very active dogs. I think you are going to be kept very busy with this procedure! Jim
Nitro S.  Crystal Falls, Mi.
Warren Animal Clinic PC
Skill * Caring * Technology
Poseidon is a 149 lb Newfoundland that was referred from a local colleague. Injury to the ACL occurred 7 months prior to his visit with resultant lameness and fibrosis of the joint. 10 days after surgery he was moving much better. At  30 days he was near normal and back playing at the local dog park.  Poseidon stopped by to visit 5 months post surgical to demonstrate excellent range of motion and mobility.
Poseidon P. Warren, Mi. picturesd with surgical tech Kelly Bernert
Maggie T.  
Bernese Mountain Dog, London Ontario
Maggie is now just three weeks post operative and doing great. At one week post op, she was already weight bearing better than pre-operatively. She is now fully weight bearing at times, and just a little stiff in the morning, but getting better every day. As you predicted there was minimal swelling, and little to no obvious pain.
My thanks again to you and your wonderful team. Everyone was great right from the first phone call to inquire about the TightRope procedure. It was well worth the drive!!   .....Dr. Peter T. London, Ontario
Hello Dr. Lanier, Tuffy is doing great, maybe to great. She wants to run and jump so its a real job keeping her down but we are winning. I was hoping after sutures come out Friday we could start with short walks, sound okay to you?
We really appreciate your skills.
Carl          See more of Tuffy and family at more of Tuffy and family at www.electricboerboels.com  
Tuffy Gregg
Dayton, Ohio
From: Elaine Griffin
Sent: Sunday, October 25, 2009 5:59 PM
Subject: Boo and Nicky Griffin

I just wanted to send you some pictures of Boo and Nicky, and to give you another update.  They are doing very well.  Boo has recovered much quicker with the tightrope surgery than with her TPLO in December.  She was almost back to normal in just a few weeks.  Now, at eight weeks she is back to her old self.  Nicky is doing great as well.  She is building up her strength again, and playing with her big sister.  Thank you again for everything.  It makes the recovery so much easier knowing that you were just a phone call away to answer any questions.
Boo and Nicky Griffin
London, Ontario
Monte injured anterior cruciate ligaments in both legs 90 days apart. Both were repaired at Warren Animal Clinic with the Tightrope implant resulting in a return to normal movement. Monte is a gentle giant (100lbs) and much loved by Lisa.
From Monte's mom,
When her injury first occurred, I researched several types of surgeries- and the long term results led me to believe, you get what you pay for. The tight rope was less invasive, quicker mobility, recovery and better rate of success. Those were my main concerns, Dr Lanier and his caring staff have made sure that Monte is able to have a full, active lifestyle-which she does! Thank you all!
Lisa Wolf with Monte
Farmington Hills, Mi.